Advice dating a cop

In the donut hole are the only things over which you have control; your beliefs, your actions, your thoughts, your ethics, and your professionalism.

The doughnut itself represents our sphere of influence. Our ability to influence others depends on how well we communicate and how skillfully we can negotiate relationships.

We also won’t be able to attend the wedding.” You staying home would be better for everyone.

Dear Amy: “Dismissed Wife” talked about the lack of emotional support her husband offered her.

It's illegal to smoke a doobie out in the carpark too.

I would never date one, because being a police officer is not compatible with my personal beliefs of what is a good person and would heavily hurt people I try to help.

I now realize it was delayed stress from our terrible grief.

Thank you for recommending Compassionate Friends support group.

(If the stereotype offends, visualize a bagel or a simple circle).

There's an almost constant stream of bad press about law enforcement, a rash of unthinkable acts of violence against police officers, repeated anti-police protests, horrific mass shootings, and the ever-present threat of terrorism that hangs over all our heads.

Dash cams, body cameras and cell phone cameras have charged the atmosphere and changed the way officers work.

The only thing that is predictable these days is change itself.

The following 10 ideas may help police families navigate these turbulent times. Distinguish between what you can control and what you can't.

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