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We can also define global slots which are common across all the intents. Shifting context is also an important aspect while building a bot.

The output of specific test cases can be used to measure the Bot stability. So, follow best practices in building these test cases. There are many ways in which context can is handled.

Avoid adding two similar intents to the same bot (ex: ‘buy an apple’, ‘buy a burger’ are two similar intents).

Similar intents add to instability Do not load a bot beyond its capacity. It looks like a tough problem on the face of it, indeed it is.

If we even target 10 interactions per conversation, the bot has to take some proactive steps to lead the conversation.

Not just that, the proactiveness has to be meaningful. To be smartly proactive, the bot has to identify the user interest and accordingly trigger meaningful next set of interactions post fulfilment of an intent.

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