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My friends also seem to take every date and convo in stride, like none of it really matters. And the one thing that seems universal is the lack of commitment and attention by anyone else dating, both guys and girls.Our society is so short term and such a 'microwave' generation that the minute they get bored (doesn't take long), they think "I'd rather swipe and have something new" rather than, "hey I actually like this person, maybe I should stop swiping for now & see what happens". and from my perspective, the men on these sites are players..that really upsets me.We can talk for 1-2 weeks, go on 3-5 dates and they say they want to wait for sex, but then they stop talking to you completely when you don't put out.Kinda like a small country town or something just along the highway.Those prospects for connecting with a girl have been more profitable rather than doing anything with the girls around here with that except same mindset.It's like, this fear of being hurt has spawned having your heart guarded at all times, and the type of persona that arises from this state is celebrated.I've stated this on another thread, outside of Tinder I've actually had decent success honestly.

and being that most of our communication is through a screen, we have time to process, think and then come up with responses, so they are not very natural.

Sometimes feeling like crawling in a ball and hiding from the world. Is it just me or has modern dating sort of devolved into occasional hangouts with a lot of preconceived rules? They are the worst example of low risk, low reward.

Tinder is absolutely awful, the bottom of the barrel stuff that leaves 95% of its users with a bad taste in their mouth in the end. You won't think "meh I can do better" after three dates, if you actually had to ask someone out with the prospect of rejection to your face.

Once I find one I like, then I will be 100% monogamous, but for now, I am part of the 21st century dating scene... I personally believe that having multiple dates a week is part of the problem.

On your first date you may be focused, but on your second date you will have the person of the first date in the back of your head.

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